If your company is manufacturing self-adhesive labels and related products, or supplying raw materials, or equipment used in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels and related products, you are eligible for an LMAI membership.

The only thing you need to do is to fill in the application form which you can download from section and return it to the LMAI secretariat or you can fill up our online form to apply for Membership.

There are three types of Memberships

ORDINARY membership (Printers and Converters only - Roll to Roll)

ASSOCIATE membership (Machine and Material suppliers - supplier to the Label industry)

HONORARY membership (Founder)

For details you can verify article of association available on request from LMAI secretariat


LMAI Membership provides a unique opportunity for an organisation and its professionals to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums and industry groups. LMAI members address current challenges, build strategies for the future and share best practices, with the overall objective of building a growth-led competitive and sustainable industry.

Insights on Industry Trends

Visibility and exposure

Be a part of MSME schemes

Participation in national and international forums

Focus on emerging competitiveness

Opportunities to enhance visibility

Opportunity to network, build and share best practices

Industry Forums

Global Trade Development

Policy Advocacy

Focus on Emerging companies

Work for the development of the Domestic Market

Education and Talent Development

Partner with LMAI for various activities

Technical workshops and seminars

Download Membership Form